Jordanian fans are waiting for Al-Taamari to shine against PSG

Local football fans are waiting for the star of the national team and the French club Montpellier, Moussa Al-Taamari, to perform strongly when his team meets the defending champions of the league and the current season’s top team, Paris Saint-Germain, at 10:45 pm at La Moson Stadium.

Tonight’s confrontation against Paris Saint-Germain is important for Al-Taamari and his teammates, as they face the team that has won the most French league titles 11 times, in addition to its inclusion of a large number of stars.

Musa Al-Taamari hopes to leave a clear mark, given the strength of the competitor and the French and European media’s focus on Saint-Germain’s matches every week, as it is the most popular and popular French team at the international level. It is also one of the teams competing for the 2024 European Champions League title.

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