Chelsea legend Hudson wants to delete his playing records with his national team

Chelsea legend Alan Hudson wants the English Football Association to delete his playing records with the national team because he was ignored by the national team and deprived of wearing the “Three Lions” colors.

It is believed that the former Chelsea star is the first player to submit such a request and will go down in history if his wish is achieved.

Hudson contacted the FA and accused them of failing to support him after his 1997 road accident, and in August 2021, he told the Daily Mail: “I don’t want anything to remain in the FA statistics to remind me of the very disappointing way in which I was ignored in every England match except… “Two matches.”

Hudson gave another interview in May 2022 in which he confirmed his request to be removed from the FA’s data, stating, “I want out. I’ve asked the FA to remove my name from everything, and I don’t want anything to do with them. I’m preparing a legal case to force them to do so.” “With that.”

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