Henderson: I made a mistake by leaving to the Saudi League

Jordan Henderson, the Dutch Ajax midfielder, expressed his strong remorse for moving to the Saudi Professional League, despite his admission that the competition is developing.

Henderson moved to Al-Ettifaq at the beginning of the current season, but he did not provide the performance expected of him, so he terminated the contract and began a trial with Ajax Amsterdam in the Mercato last winter.

Henderson said in statements to the Dutch newspaper Het Parol, “The Saudi League is developing, but it does not suit me. I made a mistake by moving there, and I am now happy here with Ajax.”

The 33-year-old added, “Now I realize that football runs in my veins.”

The former Liverpool star’s statements come after he refused, at his induction ceremony as an Ajax Amsterdam player, to admit his mistake in moving to the Saudi Professional League.

Henderson said, “Looking back, moving to Saudi Arabia was a big decision and I felt it was right for me. In life, if you want to call them mistakes, you can call them, but they are mistakes if you don’t learn from them, and I learned a lot of things.”

He concluded by saying, “I don’t have a bad word to say about anyone in Saudi Arabia. I have friends there that I will talk to forever, and there are still positives that can come out of it. Things did not go the way we wanted, but they ended on great terms.”

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